PEE WEE AND PALS!   Affordable, Reliable, and Compassionate petsitting in your home or ours! ... we visit pets in their homes in Ligonier, Latrobe, and anywhere in-between.... OR ... bring your dog to our house for a sleepover visit and it doesn't matter where you live!


Pet Sitting In Your Home or Ours.
Overnight Visits in Our Home. (see our "SERVICES" page for details)
Doggie Daycare.

**** Special Needs Pets, Senior Pets, Cats, Extra-Small Dogs ... no problem! They're actually our specialty! ****

What's included in a typical Pee Wee and Pals petsitting package:
As many visits per day as needed.
Long dog walks.
TLC, quality time, playtime.
Feed, water, scoop litter boxes.
Medications, Treatments, Specialized Veterinary Care are included in the price of visit. (no extra "surprise" charges ever!).

Plus, so your home never looks unattended, we will:
Bring Paper/Mail in
Water Plants
Turn Lights On/Off
Take Garbage Out

To view a typical day of country fun at Pee Wee and Pals, click on this link to view "A Day in the Life of Pee Wee's Pals" ... starring Romeo Thunderfuzz!